Citrine and Quartz

  • Removes Money Blocks. Citrine increases your confidence and removes negative mindset, you might be having about money. ...
  • Attracts Money. Citrine is the stone of abundance and prosperity is a type of quartz crystal with clear soft honey (yellow) or warm brown appearance.
  • Increase confidence. If you are looking for more confidence or in general a boost to trust your dream and find courage to achieve your goal just keep this beautiful energetic ...
  • Great for Money Manifestation. If you are someone who believes in the “Law of attraction”, reiki, healing, energy healing, manifestation you know how Important intentions are.
  • Chakra Solar plexus. Chakra solar plexus Citrine crystal is used in the balancing and activation of the solar plexus chakra.

Citrine and Quartz Waistbeads